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Basic facts about Great Britain and Ireland

This learing software provides detailed maps and a multitude of further information as historical timelines, country-specific features and sights etc. A wide survey of the British Isles, which is very suitable to start learning the English language.

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Basic Knowledge: World

This interactive educational CD contains thematically different maps of the world and of the continents. Teachers and pupils can select groups of information in a targeted way and fade them in and out. In addition to playful activities for training geographic knowledge, interactive exercises make it easier to estimate spatial dimensions and to understand geographical terms.

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Das Verdauungssystem

Die Anwendung vermittelt mit anschaulichen Bildern und interaktiven
Übungen umfassend das aktuelle Wissen über unser gesamtes
Verdauungssystem. Alle Fachbegriffe sind auch auf Latein
einblendbar. Das Material eignet sich hervorragend zur Präsentation und zum Lernen am Bildschirm, an interaktiven Whiteboards und drgl.

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Natural History (Fruit and Vegetables)

This interactive learning software features numerous detailed demonstrations of the most popular sorts of fruit and vegetables. The application is produced for primary schools and can be used interdiciplinary because the contents are in German and English language. Classification and allocation exercises and a picture gallery make further applications possible.

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The English Alphabet

This interactive learning software teaches pupils between 8 and 12 years in a playful way the English alphabet. Step by step they become aquainted with its characteristics by simple, graphically supported exercises.
The educational concept of this CD concentrates mainly on the correct pronunciation of the single letters, which are articulated by a native speaker.
This procedure supports already in an early stage accentless speaking and encourages considerably the fluent management of a foreign language.

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